The message for you is like that: BODY mortality is 100%, when the time comes to get off the stage, and the Soul is 0 % – it is immortal.

The soul is in you dwelling in the heart, and looks at the world with your eyes and the seal of the Lord God is pressed on the heart – you are His creation, a child of God. Every child needs love and God the Father wants to hug you to His heart and waiting for you, He is still waiting.
You were born and endowed with love, the soul in you rejoiced when you received sacred sacraments:
baptism • Confirmation • Eucharist (Holy Communion) • penance (confession, sacrament of penance and reconciliation) • anointing of the sick • ordination (priesthood) • marriage

However, life sometimes plays tricks on you and because of evil – the demon you have lost the path of God in your life.
You are somewhere far away from God, you go the path that leads to nowhere, you are looking for happiness and love – I tell you that you will not find it because:

If God is in the first place – everything else is in place
If it is the opposite, there is no order and true love
Evil leads the soul to repentance and punishment (for the stubborn is hell)
Goodness leads the soul to eternal happiness
Trust in God his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and Mary will be your intercessor.

Faith in God gives us strength to stand against death – face to face, only then you begin to live life to the fullest. God free us from the fear of death.

He often says in Holy Scripture … do not be afraid !!!

We Christians are not afraid to talk about death because our Lord Jesus Christ has been resurrected and through his life, passion, death, resurrection, everyone who believes in him gives eternal life.