The phenomenon of spatial mobility of people, which is associated with a voluntary change of residence.

Tourism should always be attributed to words such as cognition, survival, leisure and entertainment. The specificity of tourism lies in changes. It may be a change in the natural, cultural or social environment (or all simultaneously), as well as a change in the daily rhythm of life

Contemporary tourism is a part of everyone’s life and people through tourism can explore the world, nature, people and culture. Tourism helps us to relax and improve our health. To achieve all this, man begins to travel, explore the world, wants to take a break from everyday life.

I suggest in a small group:

  • leisure tourism – carried out for the regeneration of physical and mental strength
  • during the weekends – weekend tourism – short-term recreation carried out near the place of residence.
  • during holidays – holiday tourism – leisure usually in the country or abroad.
  • rural tourism, including its special form of agritourism – is associated with spending free time in a rural environment.

Tourism, for example:

  • Lowland and mountain hiking
  • Bike
  • Canoe
  • Touring
  • ¬†Winter (skis, skates, snowboards, sleds)
  • Connected to training, eg swimming lessons, skiing.
  • Agritourism