Form of action voluntarily chosen by people due to personal interests and for their own satisfaction – used for rest and entertainment.

It contributes to the development of interests and personality, increasing physical activity, discharging nervous tension and prevents diseases of civilization.

Recreation means activities undertaken outside of professional, home and social duties for rest, entertainment or the development of one’s personality, but it can be attributed to at least two meanings:

  • a set of behaviors (that is, what you like to do) that a person realizes in his free time;
  • rest after work: regeneration of strength, elimination of the effects of fatigue, restoration of the body; (colloquially speaking – battery charging)

Recreation is attributed to many different functions, including activation, homeostatic, regenerative, health, social, compensation, creation and education,

A specific form is physical recreation, sometimes referred to as a recreational sport. It is a form of active rest and entertainment

I propose :

  • outdoor games and picnics
  • spending free time with family or friends
  • laughter and music therapy

“When you hear music and singing go there, these people have a good heart, bad people never sing”