Physical activity gives us many benefits. Sport not only improves our health and fitness, but also has a positive effect on our mood. People who move a bit, have more energy, better mood, well-being and self-esteem

It is enough to get out on the streets, to the park or to the swimming pool, to see how many opportunities for doing various activities the urban space gives us.
Do you want to lose weight and shape your legs? Bet on rollerblading
Speed badminton – for those who like competition
STREET WORKOUT, that is exercises in urban space
Back pain, overweight, cellulite – aqua aerobics will help you.
Nordic walking, we go out into the area with popular poles

What benefits can sport bring to us?
One of the basic benefits that sports gives us is less likely to get many diseases. Physical activity:

  • causes lowering blood sugar levels,
  • regulates metabolism,
  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • prevents osteoporosis,
  • strengthens the immune system

An additional benefit of physical activity is maintaining a healthy body weight. During exercise, the burning rate of calories increases, which reduces fat and permanently achieves a perfect figure.
Another significant benefit of sports is the improvement of mood, our mental performance improves,
regular exercise reduces the likelihood of developing depression and other mood disorders
through the movement we relieve stress.

If it is important to you, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse.
I am a Personal Trainer who will carry out an analysis of your skills and predispositions, then I will show you and prepare instructions for you.

Disciplines that we offer you:

  • Multi  seasonal disciplines
  1. Swimming
  2. Cross run
  3. Gymnastic
  4. Roller Blading
  5. Cycling
  6. Skike
  7. North and Cross walking
  8. Dance
  9. Self-defense
  • Winetr  disciplines  ( outgoing)
  1. Downhill
  2. Cross-country skiing
  3. Snowboard
  4. Skating
  5. Downhill on sledding
  • Other therapy
  1. Massage
  2. Laughter
  3. Music  therapy
  4. Medical  banks  therapy