Culinary art – the ability to prepare different dishes in a tasty, nutritious, aesthetic and colorful way. Cooking is the whole of food related issues (necessary products and preparation methods).

” Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” Socrates

See what to eat for specific health ailments, how to treat a cold with home remedies. Find out what to turn on or off from the diet when you have liver problems or suffer from heartburn.

I propose :

  • tips, recipes,
  • cooking together – workshops,
  • ways of preparing food,
  • exchange of experiences,
  • what is valuable in our cuisine?
  • how to eat healthy and not get crazy?
  • what foods to choose and which to avoid?
  • how to read labels and descriptions on packages?
  • interesting facts about food products.
    eg baking soda and its beneficial effect on our body.