One-sided dealing with the human body has inevitably led to today’s catastrophe. Empty churches and overcrowded hospitals…

Our passion is man as being and creation. Man as a whole or MIRACLE: BODY, MIND and SOUL.
As everyone knows in the ancient culture of Greece and Rome, the beauty, efficiency and health of the human body were appreciated, presented in sculptures and statues visible in temples, palaces and squares.
Taking care of the mind, ancient intellectuals developed various directions of science: rhetoric, oratory, logic, mathematics, medicine (Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle)
The following question has been bothering great thinkers since antiquity: what awaits us after death?
In other words, what happens to the soul ,where is it going?

In the twenty-first century, Western civilization imposed our lifestyle in a hurry, lack of time for the family, children and ourselves
We are informed and intimidated by mass media of catastrophes, terrorism, price increases, among others, of food with GMOs.
We live in chronic stress, crowded cities and electronic smog, where we do work as biological robots needed by a group of rich people and corporations wanting only profit regardless of the price of life or death.
In this situation, we want to say: STOP HUMAN, where are you going?
Look at yourself and your relatives or have you ever got lost, you have not neglected yourself, there is no defect in your beauty, and maybe you have deformed your
BODY – obesity, diabetes, reflux, cardiovascular disease, cancer
MIND – stress, nerves, traumas, insults, hatred, lies, etc.
SOUL – you forgot about God, offended him, you did not succeed in life, you count on your intelligence.

We have a good message for you, we are able to help, just as a whole,
As for BODY – get rid of excess weight through activity and proper nutrition,
MIND – show a way to stress, trauma, resentment, forgiveness
SOUL – try to show you the way to God, your God who loves and waits for his child to hug him to his heart. Do not be afraid.
So we suggest a return to normality here is our goal MIRACLE.